Easy Ways to Make Friends for Fresher Girls off to College


One of the best things about starting college is all of the people who you’ll be surrounded with every single day to come! Sure, they might seem like strangers at first but remember that they’re in exactly the same shoes as you so don’t be afraid to reach out and let others get to know the amazing person and friend that you are! Remember to be yourself and allow new, positive friendships to enter your life!

Here are just a few great way you can go about making new friends, so I really hoped this helped you get some ideas and don’t forget to comment your thoughts! Read More

Common Fashion Myths You Should Ignore Immediately


There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to wear something that you think looks great but then being told “don’t do that, it’s a common fashion no-no!” And at the end of day it’s like, who says? Comment which of these common fashion myths you’ve heard before…or many times! Read More

The Eyeliner Trend That Will Be Huge This Year


The bold, dramatic winged eyeliner we all once loved has become totally mainstream lately, to the point where everyone is doing it it’s not all that amazing anymore! In fact, it’s bound to be on it’s way out soon, so why not be one of the first to hop on board the new trend of thin and subtle winged eyeliner?

These easy steps will show you exactly how to successful achieve this amazingly subtle eyeliner trend inspired by makeup artist Patrick Ta, and you want to know the best part? There are heaps of ways you can make this new trend your own so keep reading for different options that everyone can try and love! Read More

7 Ways to Find Closure and Move On From a Bad Relationship


You’ve just experienced a relationship that’s ended badly but you still need closure in order to move on…we’ve all been there! Be this as it may, it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds to find closure, so here are a few ways of how you can achieve it to point you in the right direction! Read More

How to Master the Art of Wearing Heels


Even if you have an ongoing struggle with heels, it’s important to keep practising as this is a sure way for it to become easier! Experimenting with things like heel height and different styles is a great way to get yourself familiar with how it all works! Here are 7 helpful tips on how you can get started! Read More

Porosity Test: What Does Your Hair Say About You?


‘Porosity’ refers to the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. There are 3 main categories, so which one are you? Take this quick and easy test to determine your answer!

Ready to try the porosity test? Keep reading! Read More

Genius Tips for Girls who Want to Succeed in Every Test


Wouldn’t it be great if we could all go into a test or exam feeling super prepared and confident that we’re going to totally ace it?! Okay so maybe it’s not realistic to think that we’re always going to feel like this…but we can at least try, right?

Keep reading for just a few genius tips for anyone who wants ace every test that comes their way! No matter, just make sure that you do the very best that you can, keep up that motivation and drive to succeed in your studies and good luck to you! Read More