Types of Sunglasses Suited for Every Girls’ Face Shape


When browsing for a new pair of sunglasses, it’s important to note that different styles of sunglasses are designed for various face shapes. Luckily, there’s often several styles that each face shape looks great with so you’re spoilt for choice!

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Always Look Your Best with These Quick Tips


If you’re after a few clever ways to always look your best you’ve come to the right place! Looking your best doesn’t have to take a lot of effort or be very time-consuming, all you need is a bit of inspiration to make it happen for you! What do you do when you want to look your best? Read More

10 Fashion Must-Haves for Women Who Only Wear Black


Black is by far the most versatile colour when it comes to fashion, so why not start looking for these must-have pieces if you don’t already have them?  What’s your favourite black must-have fashion piece? Read More

7 Ways to Feel Fresh and Cleansed in the Morning


Sometimes it can be hard to feel fresh and cleansed in the morning, especially if it’s in the middle of summer and the hot weather gets to you! Follow these 7 easy ways to still feel fresh, healthy and cleansed. What do you like to do in the morning to feel fresh? Read More

7 Important Things To Consider When Starting a Blog


Creating your own blog is a fun way to express yourself and to discuss your passions and interests freely across a widely accessible platform. Although the idea of designing it might sound super exciting, there’s also a couple of important things to consider as well as this. Keep reading to find out what they are and don’t forget to comment your thoughts below!

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7 Core Fashion Rules for Wearing Bold Colours


Bold colours are great for making a statement, but too much of them in one outfit can easily look like too much is going on! Although the idea of wearing bold colours might seem scary to some, it can be done quite easily by following a few tricks and tips to dressing them in the best way as well as pairing them with the right kind of pieces!

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