7 Challenging Ways You Can Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


Do you think it’s about time to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone? If so, keep reading for plenty of ways you can do this and live your life a little bit differently!

1. Be More Social

If you’re someone who is naturally more on the introverted side and can be quite shy or even intimidated when talking to people, this one is all for you! You probably won’t feel comfortable being a social butterfly so sometimes it helps to actually force yourself to speak up, chat and mingle with the people around you! Force yourself to ask them questions and keep the conversation going!

2. Try Something New

Trying something new is a great way you can get out of your comfort zone, simply because you won’t have done it before (hence it being something new) and that can be pretty exciting! It doesn’t have to be anything drastic or extravagant like bungee jumping off a bridge – although you can do this you want – but even smaller things will do such as styling your hair a different way, getting to work via bus instead of simply driving or wearing different clothes to what you would normally wear!

3. Be Spontaneous

If you’re a very organised and methodical person, a good way to get out of your comfort zone is to simply do something spontaneous! It can be exciting to change your plans every now and again, and just learning to go with the flow. For example, if you weren’t planning on going out tonight be spontaneous by asking a friend is they’re free and would like to get a drink with you!

4. Learn to Take Risks

Usually we try to stay away from taking risks because we would rather stick to what we know and are familiar with, right? But how can we ever step outside of our comfort zone by doing this? Mix it up a little bit by taking a risk every now and again! Taking a risk often comes with doing something spontaneous, do this is a great way you can easily knock off two things on this list!

5. Make Small Changes

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t always mean making huge changes to your life so the idea isn’t as intimidating as you may think! A great way to easy yourself into this is to start by making small changes that you feel comfortable with, and then gradually start to do bigger things!

6. Challenge Yourself

If you don’t often get out of your comfort zone it may very well be because you don’t challenge yourself enough! This is a super healthy thing to do because it keeps us totally open minded and always ready to try something new. You can even dare yourself to do things and then it’s about proving that you can actually do it – very much like Truth or Dare!

7. Start Saying Yes

Saying yes to opportunities that come up is a great way to get outside your comfort zone as it teaches you to constantly try new things and give anything a go! Be super brave by saying yes to anything and everything that you get asked to do and see how much more open minded and fantastic you feel!

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