7 Important Things To Consider When Starting a Blog


Creating your own blog is a fun way to express yourself and to discuss your passions and interests freely across a widely accessible platform. Although the idea of designing it might sound super exciting, there’s also a couple of important things to consider as well as this. Keep reading to find out what they are and don’t forget to comment your thoughts below!

1. Who your audience is

This is a super important aspect of creating a blog, since it pays to think about who you’re pitching your ideas. Consider your ideal audience that you want your content to appeal to. Is it young women, teenagers or another age group entirely? Once you know this, you might want to think what type of audience within this demographic, such as those with relationship issues, those wishing to travel or even those are passionate about photography, fashion or beauty!

2. What kind of content you want to make

Knowing what kind of content you want to produce goes hand in hand with knowing who your target audience is, since usually the two will be linked. For example, if you know your audience is young women who are interested in beauty and experimenting with various cosmetics, you might want to think about starting a beauty blog and therefore this could be the kind of content you aim to produce.

3. What resources are available to you

Do you have everything you need to create your ideal content, or will this require going out and buying a few extra pieces needed to make it happen? For example, if you want to create a photography blog showcasing all your own photos, you will need a good quality camera (such as a DSLR), as well as quite possibly a tripod, laptop and other necessary equipment. Or alternatively, if you’re considering starting a fashion blog, it might be worth thinking about having a photographer or another person who can travel to various locations to take photos of you showcasing different outfits. Basically, while it’s great to have an idea in mind for your blog, it’s also important to consider what resources are available to you and which are needed to help turn your dream blog into a reality!

4. How to promote your blog

Another aspect of creating a blog is being strategic with how you promote it. Consider which way(s) are going to be the best approach for you, whether it be promoting your blog on your social media accounts, using a service like AdWords, choosing word-of-mouth by those you know and encouraging them to tell others or another form of promotion!

5. What you want to achieve

In other words, what are your intentions behind creating this blog? Do you want others to hear your voice, do you want to earn money from it, do you want it to simply be a hobby for your spare time or something else? Having an idea of what you want to achieve through your blog is important for understanding its direction and can definitely help you to have a clear approach!

6. How you will get started

As a first step of starting your own blog, you will need to consider what website is going to be best suited for you to start your blog through. For example, WordPress is a great website which allows you to purchase your own domain name and basically start your blog or website through theirs. Another great provider is Squarespace, which allows you to do exactly the same thing. When getting started, you should also think about what kind of theme is going to be best suited for your content, as well as layout, format and other aspects of design!

7. Your budget for your blog

And lastly, one important thing to remember when creating your blog is that more often than not you will need to invest money into it to get it the way you want it. Before you do anything else, it’s best to consider how much money you’re willing to put towards your blog and what your limit is. Although purchasing domain names, themes and plans for your blog can be quite reasonably priced (depending on your choice of website), it will still cost you to have in the first place. Although these features vary in price, most will cover an entire year before it will need to be renewed, so if you’re serious about your blog and can see yourself spending a lot of time on it then these features can be really worthwhile and useful to have!

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