8 Great Reasons to Travel More


Travelling is a great, life-changing experience that will give you amazing memories to hold onto for the rest of your life! What places have you travelled to and which was your favourite?

1. Culture

Every new place which you travel to will have it’s own culture and it’s own way of living.

This is the time when you can temporarily forget how you’ve always done things in your own country and learn to adapt to new cultures and a whole new style of living.

Culture is an exciting part of travelling because you get to experience how other people live on a day to day basis, it also teaches you new things about their culture and makes it easy to compare to your own back home.

2. Sight-Seeing

Eiffel Tower in Paris, Grand Canal in Venice, Coliseum in Rome, Taj Mahal in India…the list goes on.

These are just a few of the famous attractions that you can visit when you go to these countries.

The memories of everything you see on your travels will stay with you forever, and it’s great to be able to say you’ve seen them in person and not just on a postcard.

3. Make Connections

Travelling is a great way and opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and connections.

An interesting part of meeting people away from your home country is that usually they are from another part of the world, and they have completely different experiences than your own which you can swap stories about and learn from each other.

4. Find Yourself

Some people travel to find themselves. This can have different meanings for different people, but generally it’s an attempt to learn and understand more about yourself, find out who you are and what your purpose is in this world.

Travelling is a great way to do this because it gives you great exposure and since it’s such a huge step to take, it can be a personal challenge which is incredibly rewarding once it’s overcome.

5. Experiences

Like memories, you’re travelling experiences stay with you for life.

Experiences are special and quite personal because it’s something which you go through and find out what it’s like for yourself.

Travelling in itself is an experience and can be a huge learning curve for some, and then you have all the many other experiences waiting for you in your designated country.

6. Comfort Zone

Travelling allows each person to get out of their comfort zone simply because it’s a personal challenge and can be quite scary and unfamiliar.

Even when travelling with other people, it’s completely normal to feel anxious and uncertain when about to leave your home country.

The idea of being exposed in an environment which is unfamiliar is definitely scary and overwhelming at times.

But you can get through this and realise it’s not such a bad thing to be out of your comfort zone every now and again.

You might think of your home country as your ‘comfort zone’ so travelling is the perfect time to leave this behind and take on a new and exciting challenge.

7. Personal Growth

Travelling allows you to grow as a person as you gain new experiences and a new perspective on life.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re a different person when you return to your home country after a travel period.

This is because you’ve seen and been through a lot since you left and take back precious memories which you’ll hold onto forever.

You have changed and developed in the same way that you have grown while you’ve been travelling.

8. Perspective

Travelling can give you a completely new perspective.

For example, you may have heard about other countries and quickly began to think of it a certain way.

However, travelling to that country may not match up with your perspective of it.

In fact, once you immerse yourself in the culture you may realise it’s completely different to how you thought it would be.

Therefore, you gain new perspective as you realise and accept places for what they truly are and not what you’ve assumed they would be like.

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